Meet the PFRS Board of Trustees

Name  Title 
Jeffrey Pegg  Elected Trustee/Fire/Chairperson 
Megan S. Moslimani  Ex/Officio Trustee/Corporation Counsel’s Vice-Chairperson 
Shawn Battle  Ex/Officio Trustee/Fire Prevention Chief/Mayor’s Designee 
Michael Berent  Elected Trustee/Fire 
Mark Diaz  Elected Trustee/Police 
Matthew Gnatek  Elected Trustee/Police 
Angela R. James  Ex/Officio Retirant Trustee/Police/Mayor’s Designee 
Brenda Jones  Ex/Officio Trustee/City Council President 
Christa McLellan  Ex/Officio Trustee/Treasurer 
John Naglick  Ex/Officio Trustee/Finance Director 
George Orzech  Elected Retirant Trustee/Fire 
Dean Pincheck  Elected Trustee/Fire 
John Serda  Elected Trustee/Police 
Gregory Trozak  Elected Retirant Trustee/Police 
Steven Watson Ex/Officio Trustee/Director of Forecasting and Economic
Analysis Budget Department/Budget Director’s Designee