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Inner Background

City Clerk

As a City Council-appointed, record-keeping officer, the City Clerk and staff are responsible for the preparation, execution, and archiving of all City Council documents as prescribed by State law and City Code. The Administration Department has 4 full-time positions and is organized as follows:

City Clerk: Rebecca Schechter

Deputy City Clerk: Debra Duntz

Cashier/Utilities Clerk: Debbie Metzger

Clerical/Filing Clerk: Shirleen Cook

The City Clerks Office duties are as follows:
  • Maintaining the City's utility billing, accounts payable, payroll, and accounts receivable.
  • Issuing City licenses, building and other permits
  • Housing Ordinances, Resolutions, City Council minutes, Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals as well as other official documentation
  • Maintaining franchise agreements and other legal contracts
  • Notary services and other public service requests

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