Planning Board Site Plan Checklist

Planning Board Site Plan Checklist

Planning Board Site Plan Checklist
Town of Kinderhook Planning Board                                              FAX (518) 784-2203
Robert Cramer, Chairman (518)                                                                                                              Building Inspector/CEO Office (518) 784-2508
Pat Prendergast, Town Engineer (518) 758-7500                                                                           Nataly Dee, Secretary (518) 821-5822
Andrew Howard, Planning Board Attorney (518) 828-2021


**** Your site plan must be prepared by a licensed engineer, architect, landscape architect, or surveyor and certified by their seal and signature.  The CEO must submit your application, ten (10) copies of the plan, the fee (check or money order only), and EAF no less than fourteen days prior to the Planning Board’s regular meeting, which is held on the third Thursday of each month.  Each submission must be deemed complete by the CEO before he can submit it to the Planning Board for consideration. ****

______ Tax map number of parcel
______ Location/area map
______ North arrow
______ Delineation of adjacent properties within 500’ of the property
______ Size of lot and all dimensions
______ Show all building set back lines
______ Percentage of lot coverage including all accessory buildings and pavement
            (pavement area (sq. ft.) and material)
______ Building elevations and floor plan showing materials and dimensions
______ Building dimensions and area
______ Parking – including dimensions and calculations to determine required number, showing
              handicap parking; surface material
______ Arrows showing ingress and egress
______ Dept. of Transportation (DOT) and/or County/Town Highway Dept. approvals
______ Exterior lighting on building and parking areas; style and intensity
______ Location of any existing well and septic or public utilities on this property and adjoining
             properties within 150’ of the proposed site plan
______ Columbia Co. Health Dept. approval for well and septic
______ Drainage plan (show size of lines, profiles, etc.)
______ Landscape plan including schedule of plantings
______ Topographic map with 10’ intervals and shall include property 200’ around site
______ Delineation of all required wetlands (NYSDEC and ACOE)
______ Type of screening around dumpster enclosure
______ Show existing trees measuring over 8” in diameter, measured 3’ above the trunk
______ Zoning boundaries/lines (if any) shown
______ List existing restrictions or easements
______ Any other data required by Chapter 81of the Town Code and/or determined by the
             Planning Board as necessary for the Board to make an informed decision
______ Sign location(s)


      Sketch Plan Review                                                                                                            $  50
      Review of Site Plan drawings                                                                                              $350
      Review of project to determine compliance     $10 per 100 gross SF of bldg. ($250 minimum)
      Reapproval of previously approved site plan which elapsed                                               $  25
      Engineering Review                                                           Maintain escrow account as needed

Note:   The above checklist is supplied as a guide and is not meant to be all-inclusive.  Failure to
provide any of the above, however, may be grounds for disapproval of the site plan application.