Accessory Apartment

Accessory Apartment

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Town of Kinderhook Planning Board
PO Box P
Niverville NY 12130
FAX (518) 784-2203

Robert Cramer, Chairman (518) 758-7671 Building Inspector/CEO Office (518) 784-2508
Pat Prendergast, Town Engineer (518) 758-7500 Nataly Deet, Secretary (518) 821-5822
Andrew Howard, Planning Board Attorney (518) 828-2021

Accessory Apartment Permit Checklist:

______ Tax map # of parcel

______ Site plan with dimensions

______ Area of apartment

______ Setback of building(s)

______ Off-street parking; location and materials

______ Exterior lighting; location and intensity

______ Walk(s) from entrance to parking area; location, material and dimensions

______ Entrance location

______ Property owner’s name

______ Relation of apartment’s occupant to owner

______ Any other data required by Chapter 81-28 of the Town Code and/or determined by the Planning
Board as necessary for the Board to make an informed decision.

Planning Board Fees:

Accessory Apartment - $50

Note: The above checklist is supplied as a guide and is not meant to be all-inclusive.
Failure to provide any of the above, however, may be grounds for disapproval of the